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11 January 2010


Note: the date of the posts is often mistaken, because I modify it intentionally to get them in the order I wish. Here can be seen all the dates of edition, corrections, updates and changes. If not stated otherwise, it's a creation.

2·X·2011: Krigsmjöd, or Henri's mead recipe.
12·IX·2011: Story of the "Sankarihauta" video added to ch. 3.2.
22·IV·2011: Promotional pictures uploaded.
17·IV·2011: "Kuolleiden maa" added to Marko's co-written songs and Henri's son's voice credited for participating in Varjoina in his dad's profile. All individual profiles copied to Encyclopaedia Metallum.
24·III·2011: Contact section improved.
17·I·2011: Janne's profile.
24·XII·2010: Markus's profile.
22·XII·2010: Statements. Linked from chapter 9.3.
13·XII·2010: Chapter 9.3.
27·XI·2010: Chapter 9.2.
10·X·2010: Chapter 9.1.
27·X·2010: Similarities.
10·10·10: Chapter 8.2.
27·IX·2010: Chapter 8.1.
11·IX·2010: Chapter 7.
28·VIII·2010: Mitja.
20·VIII·2010: Chapter 6.2.
14·VIII·2010: Fixed the links in About, which linked to the Spanish version.
10·VIII·2010: Chapter 6.1.
28·VII·2010: Updated information about "Valkoakaasiat" in the latest entry. Twice. Thanks to Óðinn.
24·VII·2010: The origin of "Matkan lopussa".
13·VII·2010: Chapter 5.2. Changed song in previous post ("Karhunkynsi", unrelated, for "Aika").
4·VII·2010: Chapter 5.1.
17·VI·2010: Chapter 4.2.
17·VI·2010: Corrected some details about the mastering of Suden uni in chapter 2.1. Colored in beautiful-beautiful shiny red the dates in this very log.
10·VI·2010: Chapter 4.1.
4·VI·2010: Blog's name changed from 'Moonsorrow Unofficial Biography' to 'U.M.B.', which I think is more correct. Also: corrections in Marko's profile (songs written & instrument in Chaosbreed - thanks Henri & Stefan)
1·VI·2010: Marko's profile.
[There was a temporary pause here, notified on April 26th.]
30·III·2010: Chapter 3.2.
20·III·2010: Chapter 3.1.
9·III·2010: Ville's profile.
28·II·2010: Chapter 2.3.
23·II·2010: Song "Talvi" added to Chapter 2.2 (Goear wasn't working the other day).
21·II·2010: Chapter 2.2.
16·II·2010: Chapter 2.1.
16·II·2010: Added: Ville and in Thanks and a Thornfrost song in Chapter 1.1.
7·II·2010: Henri's profile.
6·II·2010: Band picture added in Prologue.
3·II·2010: Corrected Ville's instruments in Thorns of ice (ch. 1.1). Added more info about pre-Moonsorrow projects in the same chapter, as well as two songs by Masturbory and Ahti, and deleted the Celtic Frost one.
30·I·2010: Nice-looking title added in the beginning of Chapter I.
29·I·2010: Chapter 1.3.
28·I·2010: Songs added to prologue and chapters 1.1 and 1.2.
23·I·2010: Friends added to thanks.
22·I·2010: Banner added. Edition in About.
22·I·2010: Chapter 1.2.
15·I·2010: This log.
15·I·2010: About.
14·I·2010: Contact.
12·I·2010: Chapter 1.1.
10·I·2010: Prologue.
5·I·2010: Main index.
December 2009: the blog is created.

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