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28 August 2010



Mitja Harvilahti

Mitja was born in Helsinki on December 29th 1979. As a kid he studied classical guitar and music theory for something more than ten years, but he declares himself seriously obsessed with electric guitars since he knew the Beatles, being four years old; actually, being that age he did an acoustic guitar concert with his father. He lived for couple years in Italy and surrounding countries when he was a child; already as an adult, in Finland, he studied cinematography, and currently he works as a cameraman, gaffer and as a freelance photographer.

He joined Moonsorrow as a live guitarist in 2000, and a short time later he was already an official member. He has also participated in other bands, like Tyrant, his first band; Milkweed, who later changed their name to The Sinkage (Janne played here as well); Shadow Cut, in which Mitja played the bass; and more weird things like Itäväylä. Finally, he has appeared as a guest in albums by other bands, either singing or playing guitar. He's endorsed by Amfisound Guitars.


Evil elf goes metal
(Kemi 2006)
2008 (UK)

Shadow Cut - Throatcuts nine

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