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30 March 2010

Chapter 3.2

The concert they played in the pub Nosturi on December 7th 2001 was recorded in video, at least the song "Sankarihauta", and that footage, with its non-suitable-for-epileptic-people flashes plus the studio song added on top of it, would become the first official videoclip of the band. Mitja took care of the edition process, which took him a few months because his edit-unit had been broken, but it was ready in the beginning of March, and it was aired for the first time on April 15th in Moon TV (a channel that's now only available online, but was a regular cable channel back then, visible in some bigger Finnish cities) together with an interview featuring Marko and Ville. It was the first ever Moonsorrow appearance on TV. You can check it out at the Moonsorrow interviews compilation. On May 5th, the "Sankarihauta" video was posted to the internet.

In summer of that year, Henri decided that he couldn’t or didn’t want to play live with the frequency they were reaching and presumably th

Janne Perttilä in Moonsorrow
ey would reach in the future. In that moment Janne Perttilä came in as a session musician, substituting Henri in many concerts since then; as seen previously, he had participated in both albums doing choirs, but his participation in the band hadn’t gone further. Nowadays, Janne has did many more concerts with Moonsorrow than Henri. However, Henri still plays at some concerts from time to time, specially in Finland, and of course he still writes and records. He has a substitute in Finntroll, too.

On November 18th they entered TicoTico one more time, with the purpose of recording the follow-up to V&K, which would be called Kivenkantaja (Stonebearer in English – in French, Obélix *ba-dum-tssss*). This time they had a bunch of guests.

I mean more than usual. Besides Janne and the Thyrane guys, they had four more guests: two come from Sweden: their webmaster Stefan Lejon and his brother Robert; and other two from Finland: Hittavainen, violinist of Korpiklaani, and a woman called Petra Lindberg. Janne did choirs in all the songs; the Lejon brothers only in “Kivenkantaja” and in another song they recorded but didn’t want to say which one it was, only that it was a cover and would be included in a future compilation or something. Indeed, it appeared in a later release, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Concerning the other two guests, Hittavainen played his violin in three songs, and Petra Lindberg, old friend of Henri’s, gave his voice to the melodic “Matkan lopussa”.

In the studio diary, Henri said they would probably never play any of the songs of this album live, because each song has about 70-80 audio tracks, obviously a very difficult thing to do live, and he refuses completely to use CDs with pre-recorded stuff.

Extreme sports
at the hotel
He made a comparison with Emperor’s Emperial live ceremony, which despite being a live album, contains many parts added in studio, and he didn’t want to end up doing that. Luckily, in the end they decided to take lots of samples in Eurén’s keyboard; and, even though it’s impossible to make the songs sound exactly the same as in studio, they managed to get a decent sound. Nowadays they often play songs from this album, actually “Kivenkantaja” appears very frequently in their set lists, and “Raunioilla”, “Unohduksen lapsi” and “Jumalten kaupunki” are also played quite often.

Finally, on December 6th, coinciding with the Finnish Day of Independence, they finished the work in the studio and flew back to Helsinki.


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