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10 October 2010

Chapter 8.2

The release was followed by a short tour in Canada, which was in turn followed by another one in Finland, Finland driven into the fire, together with Kiuas in some places and with MyGrain in other places; and finally, on March 30th, they started a European tour with Swallow The Sun, who had released their Hope the same week Hävitetty came out. The tour, which was given the extremely original name Ravaged hope, took them for twenty days to Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France (their first concert in the Gaulish country, done on April 10th at Annecy, was also the #100 gig

The Annecy poster
in the history of Moonsorrow), Belgium, the Netherlands and Czechia. In those days they also created a Myspace profile and opened an official webshop, thus expanding a little more in the “business” side of music business. During all this year they played in almost every concert a short version of “Tuleen ajettu maa” (shorter in this case means “twenty minutes instead of twenty-five”), always strategically placed in the third or fourth position of the set, when the audience is starting to get into it but isn’t tired yet. However it’s always a bold thing to do to play a 20-minute song at a concert where probably many people don’t know too much about you, unless you’re Pink Floyd or Jethro Tull; before going on tour they were conscious of that: “It will definitely be the most challenging live number we have ever done. […] It can be very weird for people who haven't heard the

Blood, an indispensable fluid in Moonsorrow gigs
album to hear the song live and wonder when is it going to end, but well, we play it through and after it they can decide if they liked it or not - if they didn't get bored and leave, that is.” In the end, everything turned out quite well; one year and a half later, Marko and Ville commented: “It could be a gig-killer for the audience but usually it was very well accepted by the crowd. Actually in Holland they even had stage diving during that song. It just doesn’t make sense!”.

The year 2007 doesn’t have too much to tell about, basically because they dedicated it mainly to touring, touring and more touring, it was the year with the most live activity until today (2010), with no less than 56 concerts, counting almighty Wacken among them; even though apparently that wasn’t the first time they were offered to play there, judging from what Henri said in January 2006 when asked about any Wacken plans: “Yes, not attending. Next time they want to book us they should definitely consider something better for payment than the goddamn insult they offered, which wasn't even enough to cover our travel expenses. Just the fact that they are Wacken (ohhhhh) doesn't make them gods.” Looks like this time they were offered a more decent amount. Also, in September they visited Spain again, specifically Murcia this

Sankaritarina in Pratteln [link]
time, Alhama Metal Madness festival – as headliners, thus existing a clear contrast in comparison to the previous year, when, as mentioned a few pages ago, they played in the afternoon.

In summer they revealed in an interview that they planned to make a mini-album the following winter. They gave some details; among them, the fact that there would be one or two new songs, much shorter than the ones in Hävitetty, as well as two re-recorded old songs and a Metallica cover version they had recorded years before. They didn’t talk about that again for quite a long time. When, a couple of months later, rumours started to spread that they were preparing an EP, they were soon confirmed by Marko, but he only said they would be entering studio in January and Spikefarm planned to release it in March, but he didn’t go into deeper detail. And, as that interview is lost in the vast internautical oceans, the content of the EP continued being a mistery for many.

Pimeä (live in Annecy) - BOOTLEG

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  1. Hahaha, I love how casually Ville says the "total fucking darkness" bit in the bootleg compared to other live videos I've seen. (namely )