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22 December 2010

The statements against false accusations

Video statement uploaded on April 12th, 2008
featuring Ville Sorvali of Moonsorrow and Hari Joensen of Týr

Statement appeared in Moonsorrow's official website ( on April 13th, 2008

Recently there have been claims about Moonsorrow being a fascistic orientated nazi band. We would hereby like to declare that Moonsorrow is not affiliated or fascinated with the nazi-movement in any way. They are not political, they do not have connections to any political parties or societies, not in Finland nor elsewhere in the world.

As Ville Sorvali, the lead singer and lyric writer of the band says: "We, Moonsorrow, have come across news that Antifa wishes to prevent our concert in Berlin on April 17th. We hereby announce that we are not a Nazi band, nor we have any political connections whatsoever. We are strictly against fascism and all restrictions against freedom of speech. We wish that Antifa would withdraw any actions they have taken against the concert and let it proceed normally."

Some have said that Moonsorrow have an SS-rune in their logo. The logo has been handdrawn many many years ago and it has not been renewed since. The S in the logo is not intended to look like an SS-rune, it has been drawn in an angular manner to suit the logos other letters. We apologise if drawing one letter in such a way makes the logo look national socialistic - it is and has not been our or Moonsorrow's itention to sympathise with the Nazis by drawing the S in such a way. Changing the letters' appearance would make the whole logo look inconsistent and incomplete - hence we have not even considered changing it nor do we intend to, it has never occurred to us or to the members of Moonsorrow that there could be such a problem as this with the logo.

Some have said that the lyrics to the bands song "Blood of an apostate" are close to an old nazi song which is against jews. We have to say first that the members of Moonsorrow have not to this date heard of such a song, they are not familiar with any national socialistic songs or with German lore. Secondly we have to say that the lyrics come from a wholly different, easily recognisable FINNISH source. The lyrics to the bands song "Blood of an apostate" come from an old Finnish legend - the murder of the Bishop Henrik committed by the peasant Lalli. Moonsorrow have made several lyrics based on this tale. This legend is told in Finland already in pre-schools, it is a very common Finnish folk tale. You can find more information about this legend from this address:

There have been claims that Moonsorrow's music is somehow sympathetic to the Nazis. Moonsorrow's metal is certainly epic, but it has nothing to do with politics. It is purely epic metal made in Finland that tells of ancient Finnish tales - not about tales sympathised by the Nazis now or earlier.

With best regards,

-All members of Moonsorrow and the Artist & Relations team of Spinefarm Records, a Universal Music Company

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