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13 July 2010

Chapter 5.2

I just changed the song of the previous post, as I had mistakenly added an unrelated one.

In the last chapter we were saying that, during the recording of the fourth album, Henri revealed the supposed album tracklist, which consisted of twenty-one titles, each more insultant or disrespectful. Here’s the original thing plus the translation/explanation, thanks to Viking Metaller from the forum:

- copyright (c) Moonsorrow 2004 -

01. Kuolema taidehomoille... ja muille - Death to the art gays...and others.
02. Puutarhurin painajainen - Nightmare of the gardener
03. Myin lapsesi Jammu- sedälle - I sold your kid to uncle Jammu (finnish child-raper)
04. Vitun runkkarit ja muut - Fucking wankers and others.
05. Saatanan lehmä - Satans Cow
06. Homo Jeesus - Gay Jesus
07. Saatanan saksalaiset, teistä ei oo mihinkään - Goddamn German people, you are worthless.
08. Shitter Limited on maailman paras bändi (feat. Vitummoista pörinää) - Shitter Limited is the best band in the world. (Feat. Lots of fucking buzzz)
09. Vapauttakaa Matti Nykänen - Free Matti Nykänen (finnish ex-ski jumper hold in prison for stabbing)
10. Matti Vanhanen on homo joka ei kestä viinaa - Matti Vanhanen (then prime minister of Finland) is gay who cant deal with booze
11. Juutalaiskysymys? - Jewish question?
12. Morjens!!!! - Hello There!!!!
13. Anna pillua Jonne Aaron - Give me some pussy Jonne Aaron (finnish extremely gay "goth" singer in the band Negative)
14. Vitun verhoilijavitunmestari - Fucking curtainmakerfuckmaster
15. Perspillu ja hyvät vitut (puh runku) - Assfuck and nice pussys. (dunno whats "puh runku" ment to mean)
16. Se hyvä biisi - The good song.
17. Kumipaskiainen - Rubber asshole
18. Hakaristi on oikeesti kaunis - Swastika is actually pretty.
19. Bjarne Kallis työnnä risti vittu perseeseen - Bjarne Kallis pull a cross up your fucking ass. (the former spokesman of the Finnish christian democrat party)
20. Ime meisseliä Silikoni- Janita - Suck some chisel silicone-Janita.
21. Outro: Viikset - Outro: Moustache

Very Moonsorrow… yeah, right. A few days later, Ville was proud of the stir the tracklist had caused in the internet. In next entries they told how they spent their days recording, but they didn’t put too much effort in pretending,

Breaking news!
and did things like mentioning always the same two or three titles, saying “…we recorded two test takes (two songs = thirty minutes)…” (this was actually previous to the publication of the tracklist) or even that sentence that says “taking a step forward (backward?)”. Among fans, the response was varied, from the half-sceptical-half-surprised ones to the ones who just laughed and never believed it. Concerning media, I imagine many ignored the news, but many others swallowed the bait and even seemed to swallow it anxiously, the mighty Blabbermouth among them. Because, of course, everything turned out to be an immense lie. In the last entry of the diary, when they had finished recording, Henri, moderate as always, wrote: “Very many of you readers suck. How come? Well, how the HELL could you be so stupid that you actually believed in our "tracklist"? It was made to piss anyone off, including the internet "media", which proves that it´s still nothing but a crappy excuse for so-called journalism (excluding some). Even some Finnish "medias" believed it, which is the most stupid thing ever. Please, feel free to be embarrassed.” After that he revealed the actual information on the album: it would be called Verisäkeet (Bloodverses), would last about 65-70 minutes and would have four songs plus an outro. Concerning the lie, it must be said that, even before they entered studio, Spikefarm’s future releases list showed the real title. When the truth was revealed,

Quorthon (1966-2004)
some media just published the news (like Blabbermouth), but others considered it “a joke with which Moonsorrow wanted to draw attention” (like

On the 7th of June, Bathory’s mastermind Quorthon was found dead in his home in Oslo. This was a tough commotion for extreme metal; Moonsorrow always cited Bathory as their main influence, and joined the mourn by dedicating him the chorus of “Matkan lopussa” (“A journey’s end”):

Once will the worldly curtain
fall before all men.
O' hear me sing this one last song
echoing through the heavens.
- RIP Quorthon

On October 22nd they participated in a Bathory tribute gig in Turku, playing songs of his viking era. And then the year 2004 ended.

Matkan lopussa

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