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10 January 2010


The license
The biography
The author

All the text in the Moonsorrow Unofficial Biography written by Grilo Do Demo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Spain License. For more details about the meaning of all that, click here.

If you want to translate the biography into your language, contact me.

The text written by Grilo Do Demo is all the text written in this website, except the quotations, which are clearly indicated. These quotations are taken from many websites, mainly webzines and official Moonsorrow sites, and they belong to those sites. The ones I remember are mentioned in the Thanks section.

All pictures and images were found on the internet and none of them is placed under the Moonsorrow Unofficial Biography license.

Banner made with a sketch for Tulimyrsky, by Kris Verwimp. Used with permission of the author. The banner is not licensed under the abovementioned license.

It was originally supposed to be published in the blog Furia Asgardiana. When I started to write it, in July 2008, I didn't imagine I would find so much information; after a while I realised that it would be too much for the blog, so I decided to add some more stuff (prologue and appendixes, basically) and create a different blog for it. In December 2009 I finished the history 1995-2008; the rest isn't written yet, but the project is open and going through constant correction and update.

Most of the information is taken from news in their official site and dozens of interviews from the internet. I think I found about one hundred of them, most of them in English, but also many in Spanish and German, and some in French, Italian, Russian, Dutch and, of course, Finnish.

I'm just a Moonsorrow fan with too much free time. I listen to metal music since 2003 approximately, but in the beginning I disliked extreme metal and everything that had growls on it. In December 2006, my opinion changed after hearing Wintersun's track "Beyond the dark sun", and my mind opened a little bit. Some days later I eventually got the promo version of the new album by some Finnish band, which stirred up my curiosity because it was one hour long and had only two songs on it; I listened to it once and I fell in love. The rest, as it's usually said, is history.

Black Sabbath and all those British fellows for creating heavy metal.

Kimmo Kuusniemi and his Kimmo Kuusniemi Band (whose name later changed to Sarcofagus) for introducing heavy metal in Finland.

Henri, Ville, Marko, Mitja, Markus y Janne for creating the band, keeping it alive through constant renewal and continuing tours.

Without the people mentioned up to here, this biography wouldn't have been thought of by anybody.

I would also like to thank Bogdan and Óðinn for their help in finding the origins of "Matkan lopussa"; Gogsi, Velkaarn, the collaborators of DIME and the rest of people who helped me to have my little collection of Moonsorrow demos and bootlegs, as well as Eddie PLQ (Official Betatester), Tineo, Kaisa, Enlil, Falgarth, Abrahel, Dragonhead and the rest of fanatics I came across in the internet in some cases or real life in other cases, for showing me that there are still some people out there with a minimum of good taste :P

Special thanks to Kris Verwimp, who gave me permission to use his art in the banner, and to Ville Sorvali, who kindly offered himself to correct the whole biography.

Last but not least, I owe my deepest thanks to the many websites I collected all the information compiled here from:, in all its periods, including the time when it was and, all of them made by Stefan Lejon., which hosts the official forum., thanks to which I could dive into the old versions I just mentioned., tremendous archive.
Google Translator. I'm good at languages but not that much.

And lotsa webzines:

Friedhof Magazine
Paranoia Metal Show
Hall Of Metal
Metal Team UK
Visions Underground
Lords Of Metal
Ratatosk Online
Revolver Mag
Tartarean Desire
Ultimate Metal
Metal Injection
SkullsNBones (Next time try to put voice LOUDER than background music. Please.)
Finnbands/Trash and Riot
Crimson Dawn
Hard and heavy

And many more. I can't remember even the 25%. If you find a quotation taken from your 'zine, tell me (via comment or email) and I'll add it ASAP.

Document created on 15·I·2010

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