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09 March 2010


Ville Seponpoika Sorvali

He was born in Helsinki on April 13th 1980 and is the other founding member of Moonsorrow, together with his cousin Henri. His function in the band is playing bass, singing and writing the lyrics for all the songs. According to himself, he got into heavy metal with Iron Maiden’s album Seventh son of a seventh son, and his main vocal influence has been Thomas Väänänen (known for having been in Thyrfing). Besides Moonsorrow, Ville participates or has participated in other bands such as Woods Of Belial, May Withers, Amoral and, most recently, Vere and Section 8. He has also appeared as a guest lyricist for Thyrane and Black Sun Aeon.

He studied Mathematics in the university of Helsinki with the intention of following the steps of his father and grandfather and becoming a teacher, but he never finished school and his professional future turned out differently; as he tells: “I don't have a full-time job, haven't had for years. There are several part-time jobs, most of them connected with music in a way or another (publicist, journalist, promoter, producer, roadie/stagehand, general wanker)... ie. collecting peanuts from here and there, wherever I can get some.” From 2001 until 2005 he was the chief editor of the metal magazine Inferno, and today his writing skills are hired by another magazine, Soundi. He also collaborates in the up-and-coming business called Metalheim, which also happens to be the booking agency of Moonsorrow in Finland.


Raah Raah Blääh
April 2005


Amoral - Solvent
(bass & lyrics by Ville)

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