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24 December 2010



Markus Eurén

Markus Eurén, also known as Lord Eurén, was born in Helsinki on April 19th, 1978. A big fan of Ronnie James Dio, Kiss and Dismember, the first band he played in was Gorewinter, together with Marko, where he played the guitar. Although he obviously knew how to play keyboards, he became officially a keyboardist when he joined Moonsorrow, which happened in their second concert (2000·4·13; on the first one they had had a guy called Kharadrai). He started studies of engineering but didn't finish them; he currently works operating a paving machine. In his spare time he likes to listen to music and to play chess.

Of the official members, he's possibly the one who participated the less in the band, as he not only didn't appear in Suden uni (Moonsorrow was a trio back then) but also in Voimasta ja kunniasta, the band being already the same quintet it is nowadays. He also didn't appear as a member of Lakupaavi; all he did in Raah raah blääh was to write and perform the outro. However, he recorded keyboards in the rest of albums and always performed with them on stage.


(ca. 1999)

On his first gig
with Moonsorrow
(April 2000)

Recording the 6th album
22 Sep 2010

Gorewinter - Demonblood