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07 February 2010


Henri Urponpoika Sorvali

Born in Helsinki on October 19th 1978, Henri is the oldest of the Sorvalis (at least, of the ones that play in Moonsorrow) and founding member of the band, as well as guitarist, keyboardist and main composer; absolutely all the songs of the band are signed by him, alone or not. He’s also the one who gave the band a name and a logo.

Son of Urpo “Upi” Sorvali, drummer of Kimmo Kuusniemi Band (considered the first heavy metal band in Finland), Henri is a real lover of music, and most of his professional life dealt with this form of art: he has taught at Sibelius music school in Helsinki, currently works writing music for mobile videogames and is an active member of a few bands and worked as a producer and/or guest or session musician for other bands. Currently, his two main bands are Moonsorrow and Finntroll, under the nickname of Trollhorn in the latter, and some of his collaborations are: keyboards in the second Shaman album (now known as Korpiklaani), in a Glittertind EP and in Ensiferum’s debut album; bass in Crimfall’s debut… and so on. He also had lots of bands which are nowadays split-up or inactive: Terrorthrone, Thunderdogs, The Wicked, Woods Of Belial… Anyway, his “cup of tea” is creating music; he doesn’t like performing live that much, so he has a substitute for the guitar in Moonsorrow (Janne Perttilä) and for keyboard in Finntroll (Aleksei Virta). Both did more concerts with their respective bands than himself.

Finally, he’s a huge fan of film soundtracks, as well as video games, and a follower of the Warcraft series. He had a son in late 2005, whose voice appears in "Kuolleiden maa".


Trollhorn in Finntroll (2007)

Nosturi 30.XII.2007

Finntroll - Den Hornkrönte Konungen
(music by Henri)

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