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04 July 2010

Chapter 5.1

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Fifth chapter:
The big lie

The band started the year 2004 with a concert in Helsinki on January 3rd and a subsequent break of almost three months. During the previous year they had done only eight concerts, as well as in 2002. Right, they released a lot of stuff, but they weren’t the most active band touring-wise. In spring they started to write again and to play some gigs. April 30th would become an important day in Moonsorrow’s history, as they played outside Finland for the first time ever. The chosen place was the Croatian city of Osijek.

Dead-serious in Croatia
Two days later they played a festival in Budapest (Hungary). Ville, tell us something please? “In Croatia we had a strange show with no lights on the stage (!) and in Hungary we played our biggest concert so far (for 2000 people). We also spent some extra days in tropical Budapest, which was fun.” Besides, the Budapest gig was special for another reason: they did a jam session with local heavy metal band Kalapács, all of them dressed with the t-shirt of the other band, and also that day Moonsorrowers had decided to wear corpsepaint. The photos suggest that it was something worth seeing. Some months later they went to Oslo, and that’s all they played abroad that year.

During the following months they finished the composition of what would be their fourth studio album. And one day came where they revealed its title in

Moonsorrow and Kalapács
their website: it would be called Raah Raah Blääh. This made everybody surprised, because such a nonsense title didn’t fit Moonsorrow at all, or what they’re about. Then they started to say that they had planned to change their sound, as they thought they had exploited the epic themes and progressive structures to the maximum, and considered it was time to evolve towards other sounds. Towards grindcore, to be precise. In April, the news in their official website said: “The band has started to write the new album "Raah Raah Blääh" at the infamous Ragnarök Audio studio. Album will be recorded after summer once again with Ahti Kortelainen at Tico Tico studio in Kemi, Finland.” So they did, and on August 29th they had written the first entry in their studio diary. The given title had provoked many reactions, but Henri’s comment on September 2nd was the talk of the internet fan community during several days; it said: “We have now decided to publish the tracklist of "Raah Raah Blääh" officially. As you folks

Dark-us Eurén
propably know, this album is going to be a bit different release, as we thought not repeating ourselves musically and lyrically. So, no more overlenghty boring songs and epic shit, but some seriously pure aggression, hate and even some politics. (!!!!) Some of you might think it´s not acceptable for taking a step forward (backward?) but might I remind you that it is us who decide the direction of the band, not you. Live with it or start listening to Åkercocke.” The tracklist is too long so it will appear in the next chapter. See you next week, my loyal fanatics!

1065: Aika (2003 master)

Chapter 4.2 - Index - Chapter 5.2

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