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17 January 2011



Written by himself, I just edited it.

He was born in Helsinki on 17th January 1978. He got exposed to classical music and The Beatles at an early age; he was incredibly fascinated by the latter, which led to wanting to play the guitar himself, acoustic first, later electric (a cheap copy of John Lennon's Rickenbacker). In 1992 he and some friends created a more or less serious band; since then he has always been in bands, and in 1996 he toured abroad for the first time, with a hardcore punk band.

In 1994 he had met Marko Tarvonen at school and created a band together, called Lihasarkus (later changed to Circus Of Flesh - just a translation), which lasted for several years. When Marko joined Moonsorrow, Janne and him were very close friends (roommates actually) and when the cousins' band went to Kemi, he went with them and participated in choirs - something he would do ever since. The first time he played with Moonsorrow on stage was in Joensuu on July 13th, 2002, because Henri was busy with Finntroll and apparently wasn't able to split in two. This situation was repeated, and since Henri doesn't like traveling and Janne does, he stayed in the band as a live guitarist.

He has had several other bands: Acabó El Silencio, Oheisvasara, The Sinkage (also featuring Mitja), Wind Of Pain... The one he has been more years in is Rytmihäiriö, which he joined when they reformed in 1998 and with whom he still plays nowadays as an official member. The newest is Barren Earth (also featuring Marko), having released an EP in 2009 and a full-length in 2010. Oh, and Lakupaavi, of course.


He used to have hair! (Budapest 2004)

With Rytmihäiriö
(Tampere 2008)

Rytmihäiriö - Paluu raittiusleiriltä

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